Waiter Stations

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Used in a variety of hotels and restaurants, waiter stations are designed to make the lives of waiting staff that little bit easier. Here at Hospitality Store, we offer a range of options on this front.

The flexible products provide a handy point from which to coordinate efforts, with often plenty of storage room for anything that is needed to make customers’ visits more enjoyable. This includes spare utensils, plates, condiments, and often a computer terminal to assist with paying the bill and stock checking.

Coming in a range of sizes and materials, sometimes the waiter stations also have wheels attached. This means that they can be moved around the restaurant floor to help with speedy rearrangements, such as for special events, or to help with the optimisation of the eatery’s workflow.

There are also a number of different colours and styles available, which means that the products will fit into any culinary design or restaurant theme. Many of the trolleys are fitted with detachable coverings, and this will facilitate any cleaning that needs to be carried out.

The waiter stations can be very useful in a backroom capacity as well, especially due to the many varied storage options they can provide. Whether used as a traditional stock cupboard or as a final preparation table to make sure that dishes are up to scratch, the items often prove invaluable to the smooth running of a restaurant, café or hotel bistro.

With many options available on here at Hospitality Store, there is sure to be a product that is ideal for your business. So, why not contact us for your quote today?