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Suitable for use in small bistros or large eateries, restaurant trolleys make the job of waiters, bartenders and kitchen staff a lot easier. It’s no surprise, therefore, that so many diners turn to Hospitality Store to address this need.

Coming in a variety of types, materials and designs, the products can be used for many purposes. There are a number of simple trolleys, often resembling shelves on wheels, that can be used to transport food to and from tables, as well as for clearing away plates after a meal. Smaller products can help to carry drinks around the restaurant floor, meaning that you can provide a quality bottle service to patrons.

Restaurant trolleys also come in more complex designs, and are often fitted in a way that allows them to be used for more specific tasks. This includes a range of flambe trolleys, which can be used to put on a show while preparing a diner’s desert, and covered display units.

The display trolleys are used to make sure that the food inside is kept at the right temperature. Usually used to keep meals warm, some of the models also include a chilling option, which makes them perfect for breakfast buffets or ice cream tables.

A number of products are functional behind the scenes as well, including a variety of waiter stations. Such restaurant trolleys are for the benefit of staff, as they provide useful storage sites for utensils and other items.

The range of trolleys available from Hospitality Store will cover all of your restaurant needs, so why not contact us today?