Tray/Pan Racking Trolleys

In working environments like the kitchens of hotels, restaurants and care homes, time is often of the essence, so keeping services well ordered is essential. Here at Hospitality Store, we offer a range of products designed to make the day-to-day running of any business in the hospitality sector that little bit easier.

In catering, employees often find themselves working within a busy team and interacting directly with customers. A piece of equipment as simple as a tray trolley can be the difference between chaos and efficiency, particularly when dealing with large numbers of trays, plates and pans every minute.

While the applications of a tray trolley vary from firm to firm, the benefits they offer are universal; they allow professionals to keep crockery, whether used and waiting to be washed or ready to bring out to the customers, stacked neatly and safely on trays, while reducing the chances of accidents or spillages and improving staff productivity.

No matter what area of the hospitality sector a business operates in, whether it’s a restaurant, a bar or a bakery, there’s sure to be a suitable tray trolley, as they come in a range of sizes and offer different capacities.

At Hospitality Store, our team is able to guarantee a consistently high quality in all the products we provide. This means that racks are designed in such a way that makes them easy to wipe clean, move around and store away. Call our experts now to find out which item in our tray trolley range is best suited to your business.