Laundry Trolleys

For a hotel to maintain an effective housekeeping department, it’s essential to make sure that employees have access to reliable laundry trolleys, which is way we offer some of the best specimens here at Hospitality Store.

Members of staff often have dozens of rooms to clear, and a large portion of the work they carry out involves the removal of dirty laundry – a task can encompass anything from bath towels and flannels to pillow cases and bed sheets.

Since the aim of a housekeeping team is to work while minimising disruption for guests, managers of hotels with narrow corridors and walkways will likely select from among the smaller trolleys, such as those comprising only a wheeled base and a frame for holding a bag.

Larger laundry trolleys are available with metallic mesh sides, keeping weight to a minimum while maximising on the volume available. Others utilise a similar structure but use polypropylene instead of metal, further reducing the trolley’s weight and making it easier for housekeeping staff to use.

For added practicality, designs are available in which the wheeled frame comes with a light, detachable container, allowing staff to simply offload one bundle of dirty laundry and get ready for the next without having to use a different trolley.

Of course, laundry trolleys are used to distribute fresh material as well as remove used bed sheets and towels, and both metal and plastic designs can be used for either task.

At Hospitality Store, we have a broad variety of laundry trolleys available, which means there is sure to be something in our catalogue to suit the needs of your housekeeping staff. Get in touch with us today to find out more.