Chambermaid Trolleys

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When it comes to making sure that a hotel room is ready for guests, chambermaid trolleys are an essential tool, and one you can find in abundance here at Hospitality Store.

Designed to carry replacement items for rooms, such as shampoos and fresh towels, as well as having the capacity to remove a few used items as well, the flexibility that the trolley provides is astounding.

Built upon a sturdy set of wheels, it will be easy for your staff to wheel the chambermaid trolleys between rooms as they go about making the accommodation ideal for weary travellers and pampered guests.

Resembling a shelving unit on wheels, the trolley usually has a container attached to its side, which is often a canvas bag. This makes the product ideal for cleaning emergencies, as well as for general use in both large and small establishments. Many of the trolleys also have room for additional attachments, such as smaller containers for food, extra canvas bags and housework equipment, such as vacuum cleaners.

A number of chambermaid trolleys have doors, which can be secured to enable easier storage of surplus complementary items. This also makes it less likely that the supplies might go missing while your staff members are busy on their rounds.

The products can be made of woods, metals, and plastics, making them surprisingly lightweight for their size. This means that the venue’s employees can concentrate on providing quality customer service to guests.

For more information about chambermaid trolleys, contact Hospitality Store today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.