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Here at Hospitality Store, we understand that encouraging efficiency within a hotel’s housekeeping team is important for maintaining customer satisfaction, as it plays a major role in ensuring that guests receive a reliable service and are as comfortable as possible.

However, having eager and reliable staff is just one consideration for a line manager in this department, and it’s important for hotels to make sure that members of staff have all the equipment they need, including specialised housekeeping trolleys.

The chambermaid trolley is one of the most important multi-functional tools available. Various styles exist on the market today, but the best are those that allow housekeeping staff to remain discreet and efficient in their day-to-day tasks, so that the potential for disrupting each guest’s stay is minimised.

Larger designs come with both canvas laundry baskets and rubbish bins on board, along with several enclosed shelves. Others come with lockable doors to improve security, or space to hold a vacuum cleaner.

More minimalist designs can feature a few shelves with a laundry bag; the style suitable will depend on the tasks carried out by the housekeeping staff.

Other kinds of housekeeping trolleys include linen-dumps and roll cages, which allow members of staff to easily move large bundles from one section of a hotel to the next.

At Hospitality Store, we offer a comprehensive catalogue of housekeeping trolleys so that any hotel can maintain an unobtrusive and efficient team. The breadth of our range allows our customers to find the right products for the needs of their housekeeping staff.

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