Custom Trolleys

Got a specific need? We are able to custom manufacture trolleys to your requirements and can offer branding. Here are a few of the projects we have undertaken:

Project 1 - Increased Profitability

A chain of Bingo Halls required a new delivery service offering drinks, snacks, sandwiches to customers seated playing Bingo. We were tasked with producing a bespoke trolley for the service. We worked with branding companies to produce a trolley that could be easily adapted to changes in marketing material.

The Innovation...

Originally envisaged to carry only confectionery, the requirements of the trolley were under constant review and Hospitality Store supplied several modifications and prototypes.

The Success…

The response to this trolley has a resounding success. Sales of merchandise have increased. The feedback on service and quality have been excellent.

The project was so successful the Trolley paid for itself in less than a month. We completed another large chain subsequently.

Project 2 – Custom Size and finish

We were tasked with modifying a trolley for a customer’s unique requirements. Hospitality Store’s  flexibility in design and open relationship with the customer helped to finalise a specification, keep the process moving and has led to a satisfied customer with a solution that meets their needs exactly.

If you would like to discuss your needs, please get in touch on 01753 645539, or contact us

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